Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mother's Day Classic

The ladies of our family started a new tradition last year by taking part in the Gold Coast's Mother's Day Classic 8km walk to support cancer.

There was me, my sis, my mum, my sis in law and my mum's bestie and her daughter and my sis in law's mother and sisters.

It ends up being a very entertaining couple of hours walking and gossiping around the Main Beach precinct.

We then follow this up with a brunch at Burleigh Beach (change of location this year to my parent's house) where everyone brings a plate of sweets or savoury and we relax with champagne for the afternoon.

Can't wait for Mother's Day this year - what are you up to?

If you have no plans, I strongly recommend you get a group together and do the Mother's Day Classic in your area - the have a 4km walk and a run as well.


  1. I always go to Melbourne to see my mum and we all always to the Breast Cancer walk there.
    Last year there was about 10 or so of us this year will be about the same.
    It's fun and it's for a good cause.

  2. Sounds exactly like us Sammie - such a lovely way to spend Mothers Day and just think, at next year's one you may be pushing a pram and spending it with your daughter also :)