Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its been a boring week but the clouds are clearing

I might just be the world's most boring person this week. Truly! It's not that I haven't been up to anything, just nothing exciting enough to tell you about.

My weekend was great but not anything to get excited about (sorry M, yes, I was excited about you coming to visit but I doubt the readers are). C & L stayed over, S & I looked after baby S Friday night, M visited Saturday night and we had a home-cooked US feast with ribs coleslaw and corn cobs. Oh, and S and I popped out for a refreshment on Sunday afternoon and I won $60 on the Spring Carnival poker machine - not bad for a 20c bet I thought.

I can't even recall what Monday involved, Tuesday was a quiet night in with S watching TV and making enchiladas and last night I finally got my hideous acrylic nails removed after work then met my parents for dinner and drink befoe heading home to bed.

Today is looking up a little with the following excitements to tell you about:

SSG's lovely blog givewaway arrived in the post....

Thank you again SSG, love the gifts.

I won (read bought) this FCUK dress for the low price of $19.99

I am going to a special Farewell dinner for Surf Life Saving Australia's newly retired President this evening with my dad at a ritzy local hotel (as my mother is in Perth for a conference and he won't go alone) - pictures to follow tomorrow hopefully.

My future will hopefully be even brighter with more exciting happenings to blog about including my new Herve Leger dress (yep, I got the blue/navy but will follow up with the brown tri colour when I can get away with it), a Trivia night I am attending on Friday night, Farmers Markets shop on Satuday morning, a visit to M in Brisbane Saturday afternoon/night, a VIP Surf Life Saving 'Finals' function Sunday and The Script with my sister on Sunday night.

A busy weekend ahead as you can see but I just adore being busy and multi-tasking, something my parents taught me well ... this topic explained beautifully in Mia Culpa (which I have finished by the way and part of the reason for my visit to Brisbane involves delivering this book to M's eager waiting clutches).

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  1. Yay! So glad it got to you safely.

    Can't wait to see your Herve dress.

    Happy shopping.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog