Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting through my list

I'm slowly getting through my want list posted last week - much slower than I would like but oh well, thems the breaks.

On Saturday morning armed with a list and on a mission, I set off for Pacific Fair (literally two minutes down the road) to try and satisfy a few cravings.

First stop, the Estee Lauder counter for Double Wear mineral powder. The assistant was absolutely wonderful, even applying the powder and some colour to my face so I could get a good feel for it. I found it to be much better than their other mineral powder offering with good coverage and a fine silky texture. It also makes my skin look and feel super smooth. At $68 though, so it should.

The assistant also threw in a few little samples for me to try including Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex,

a Sumptuous Extreme mascara that doesn't come out till next week (seems to be excellent for creating long thick lashes, about on par with Diorshow I guess)

and a Dayware protection cream.

I'm really loving the Advanced Repair lotion - apparently it is EL's bestseller worldwide and is proven to reverse/repair past skin damage.

From the EL counter I headed to Target to search out the MOR Dolce range. This was no challenge - it was positioned directly in front of the entrance. I would have happily bought one of each product but in the interests of non wastage, I bought only the Sorbet and Pomegranate candles. I should have only bought one to start with but I just couldn't choose between the two scents and really, we all know I would have been back there in a few days to get the one I didn't buy then and there.

My Target visit turned out to be a major detour as I wandered and got sucked into 30% off easter eggs - bought Crunchie and Cherry Ripe ones for D & M, C & L and C's little sister Mill. I also picked up a Dora cup and egg for baby S along with an Easter present for my S.

Hightailing it out of Target before I bought more chocolate, I left Pacific Fair to go meet C for our afternoon date at The Ivory (a Tweed Heads waterfront Hotel on the river).

Update to add: given the Australian dollar's record high, I'm off to source that Disney light for baby S asap and knock another item off my list

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  1. I would be so interested to know how you like the mascara - I am a big Doirshow fan too, but I am always looking for THE perfect mascara.

    Sounds like a fun day!