Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crazy times with crazy girls

Or should I make that just two crazy girls as M wasn't terribly crazy this particular afternoon?

C, M and I had a date at The Ivory on Saturday afternoon as it was the boys' turn to look after baby S while we got out and about.

Now as always, things didn't go quite according to plan with S having to work, M not leaving Brisbane till the time we were due to meet in Tweed and baby S falling asleep for her nap early. All of this combined to mean that C and I had the option of walking (about a 20-30 minute walk) in the beaming sun or waiting for a bus.

We decided to give the bus option a chance and figured out it was due to arrive at 12:45pm - great... except it was only 12:15pm. Oh well, we decided to wait it out and see what happened. I should let you know here that C and I don't have much experience with public transport so this was a much bigger challenge than it may sound to you.

At 12:55pm, there was still no bus so we decided to call a cab. Great idea except we didn't know the exact address and we ended up with a rude snappy phone operator. While deciding whether or not to chance the cab (we weren't sure if the woman we spoke to would even log the job) or walk, a guy walked past and told us the bus wouldn't be far away and it was always late.

Figuring we had nothing to lose, we took a seat and next thing the bus pulled up. We told the bus driver where we wanted to go and he told he could drop us right nearby for the grand price of $3.10 each - we worked out later that a cab would have been cheaper than the $6.20 the bus cost us.

Anyways, moving forward, it only took a moment for us to realise the bus was headed in the wrong direction and we were on our way for a round trip around Tweed Heads South. Fun, we were already heading towards an hour of missed out baby free time and now we were stuck on a bus! I should also mention we were both busting for a bathroom break at this point and had been for about 25 mins at least.

Eventually we got within The Ivory vicinity only to have the bus pull up around the corner a fair distance away - seriously, walking would have been our most efficient mode of transport for this adventure and believe me, that information is filed for next time!

Finally out the front of our destination, we race to the bathroom and them to the ATM - of course its no surprise when the ATM is out of order, that's just our day so far.

Sorting out payment methods with the barstaff (a credit card over the bar - dangerous I know), we settle in at our prime waterfront table and finally relax in the sunshine waiting for M who of course arrives over an hour late - better late than never though.

By this point C and I have a bit of a buzz on (3 beers in the sun will do that to you I guess) and looking out at the boats, decide we want to board one to be photographed - part of an elaborate plan to make our mothers jealous (back story: our parents were away camping together and bragging to us about how they were having a better time).

M tells us we're crazy, the boats/marina are locked and it can't be done. Of course at that moment C and I spot a man opening the marina gate to go to his boat and we race of like the mad women we are, asking the man to hold the gate ... which he did.

Once on the marina we wave up at M and set off towards the biggest boat. Who we assume is the owner, happens to be aboard and we explain our plight asking if we can be photographed on his boat. Happy to oblige two crazies, he allows us aboard and even some photos.

After photos, and now heading back to the gate, we realised we well may be trapped on the marina if someone lcosed the gate properly but C told me she spotted an exit for us - over the fence, across the rocks and up the bank. Luckily the gate was open still.

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