Monday, April 4, 2011

Buying & selling Monday update

S is such a wonderful husband and I feel like I don't recognise this enough sometimes so I jumped online last night while he was watching some Ninja movie on Showtime and bought him this T shirt:

I blogged about it a while back as S was going to buy it but he hasn't mentioned it since so I figured he must have forgotten. It is a shirt put out by Snoop Dogg to raise money for the Japan Relief Fund so I figure its a win:win what with supporting a charity and gifting my husband.

While we are talking buying and selling, my Super Nintendo is up to $52 with 4 hours to go. I'm hoping for a little more so I can buy a FCUK dress I have my eye on - and I will also list some more items tonight ... 2 x Sass & Bide cotton silk camis in camo and brown respectively. The camis haven't been worn in maybe two years and having renewed my reading of the hoarding and clutter thread on the Vogue forums, its only right these items leave my wardrobe as they certainly aren't adding value to my life.

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