Monday, April 18, 2011

Black goes with everything

and would you believe, its the one colour lacking in my Oroton handbag collection?

Sad I know.

So yesterday (Sunday) after bacon and eggs for brekky at home, S and I set out to Harbourtown so I could check out what stock Oroton had in. I tried my best to persuade S to stay home which makes me sound mean when in truth, S broke his foot last Wednesday night at soccer so is now very much a hindrance to shopping missions.

Moving forward, we arrived at Harbourtown to find the place buzzing with people. I offered to drop S off at the entrance so he didn't have a mile to trek with crutches but as luck would have (and some patience on my part) I got a park right near the entrance. Despite our parking proximity, it was slow progress to get across the carpark and I could see this was going to be a long expedition.

Luckily S had a brainwave after seeing a fellow shopper cruise past on a motorised scooter, he suggested we see if customer service provided these.

As more luck would have it, customer service did provide scooters and they were complimentary AND there was one available for S. Feeling very impressed with himself, S happily swapped crutches for scooter and then promptly requested a photo of the occasion. Me, I was just relieved my mission wasn't going to take an extra 5 hours and a lot of extra moaning.

With S mobile we set off for Oroton - where I told S to stay outside so he wouldn't get in the way. This turned out to be a bit annoying as I like his opinion so had to keep walking over to the door and waving bags and purses in his face.

After maybe 30 minutes of wandering, umming and ahhhing, generally driving S crazy and trying to decide if I need a wallet (I dont, I have 4 in rotation - 2 Oroton and 2 Spencer & Rutherford) or a handbag (which I don't either but not relevant, but which colour, pewter, brown, red, cream and then which size), I finally settled on a black signature tote of mid-size that I figured would see me through from work to weekend.

The best part of all, there was 50% of the marked price ($445) plus I had my voucher from the wonderful SSG so in total, the bag was only $122.50.