Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wedding part 2

So Saturday, my wedding day dawned a watery grey instead of the clear blue I had been hoping for but nothing could wipe the smile off my face - not even my swollen ankle!

The morning consisted of getting 7 girls out of bed, showered and ready for hair and makeup by 7am while my dad cooked us brekky. Surprisingly, this was a task achieved with complete ease and everyone was ready and waiting for the pro's to arrive.

We had decided that each BM should have an individual hairstyle and I left the styles completely in the hands of the hairdresser - Margaret of Hare's Hair - who I trust implicitly having worked with her on some big events. This show of trust was well rewarded with 6 girls who were all happy to have a style that suited and flattered them.

The makeup artist - Jo Smith of Coco Honey - is just amazing and she is so talented at what she does. Her airbrushing, shading and eyes are flawless and none of us could find fault with our 'paint'.

The morning dragged by with lots of sitting around, everyone stressing about the weather holding for the outdoor chapel service and then suddenly it turbo charged to super-speed with the whole getting dresses on and the photographer arriving a bit of a blur. I do remember posing for photos with the photographer before leaving for the chapel and being told to do some 'thinking' faces but I just couldn't stop smiling!

Luckily the weather was holding for my outdoor service and next thing I know, I am sitting in the golf buggy with my dad and the whole thing hits me and I start to feel teary then my dad starts to get teary and we both have to work on talking each other out of tears.

Our ceremony was everything I wanted it to be, happy and touching and very very personal. S & I both welled up during our vows but before too long it was all over and time for bridal party photos. We were in a race against the rain so hurried off to get some shots before the incoming storm hit.

Luckily we managed to get some beautiful pics before and after the rain hit including a sequence of me losing my veil in the lagoon (the wind literally ripped it out) - here are some of the pro pics.

The reception was also perfect, food was great and everyone just loved our entertainment! I don't think I got off the dance floor all night. My only sad part is that it flies by far too quickly and before you know it, the wedding is all over. Very happy to be married to my wonderful husband though and wouldn't change anything about our wedding weekend - not even the stair surfing!

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