Monday, March 28, 2011


S booked me for date night on Friday night as we hadn't done anything together all week last week. By Friday I was so exhausted tht my only request was that it not involve a late night. S originally intended on dinner and a movie but given my request, he limited our date to dinner only.

In the interest of doing something different, he ended up taking me to a recently opened restaurant in Surfers Paradise called Vapianos. They are quite unique in many ways I discovered.

Whe you arrive, you are each given a swipe card (like a hotel room card) then you go to the various food stations (pizza, pasta, salad) or the bar and hand over your card to swipe when you order. Your chosen meal is then cooked or prepared in front of you while you wait.

Once you get your meal, you can detour past the indoor herb garden to further season your meal if you choose on the way to your table.

The card concept is just brilliant because it means you can have a group of even 30 people and at the end of the night, there is no bill drama to sort out. Great place for future birthday dinners I forsee.

S and I both enjoyed the food ... we ordered a calzone to share (with hot pepperoni, olives, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms), a funghi gnocchi (delicious sauce but didn't love the gnocchi as it was gluten free so the texture wasn't great, an antipasti plate and Italian white wine.

Definitely worth a visit if you live on the Coast or are coming to anytime soon.

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