Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star Class and Osaka Arrival

S and I travelled to Japan for our honeymoon, flying into Osaka on the 8th March for 3 nights before intending on continuing North to Tokyo for 5 nights and then Kyoto for 2 nights before flying home. At least that was the plan but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men ...

Checking in for our Jetstar flight at Coolangatta, I was pleased to see an old friend at the desk and explained I was now married and this was our honeymoon. He immediately offered to see what he could do with regards to an upgrade or similar.

Excited for our trip and that we may be upgraded, we waited in anticipation and upon boarding the plane, the cabin manager came to tell us he would move us to Star Class after takeoff! What a great start to our trip!

The flight was uneventful although we enjoyed all the treats (wine, a beer, cheese platter +++) and I managed to watch Tangled (very cute) and Love and Other Drugs (quite enjoyed this movie and think Anne & Jake are very talented).

Landing in Osaka at around 6pm their time, S and I decided to immediately immerse ourselves and figure out the train system into town and Shinsaibashi where we were staying. This was surprisingly easy and we did it without drama. So easy in fact that we started to question ourselves until about the fourth station stop when we were assured we were on the right line.

Getting off at Namba station, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people zooming through the tunnels at 8pm and quickly searched for a map to orientate ourselves with relation to our hotel. It didn't seem to far away on the map so we decided to walk there and take in the sights.

We were not disappointed! The Midosuji (sp?) street rivalled Times Square in some ways and there were people everywhere. It was also freezing cold! We walked quickly to the hotel with S stopping to photograph some sights along the way and found it with little fuss (S got us a little of course for a few blocks). After dumping our luggage in our very neat but very tiny room and high fiving each other for making it, we set off to explore the local area.

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