Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stair Surfing - The Wedding part 1

Wow, what a crazy last few couple of weeks between the wedding, our honeymoon in Japan, the earthquake then home again now back at work.

So, to fill you in, I will keep it simple and start at the very begining...

The Wedding was held at Couran Cove on the Gold Coast and the bridal party (and plenty of guests) travelled over to the island on the Friday night to make a weekend out of the event. S & I booked 2 x 4 brm villas at opposite ends of the resort for our bridal party to use (girls in one and boys in the other) so Friday night was like a big sleepover (as I had 6 BMs) that included lunch by the pool, the rehearsal and a stopover for cocktails at the lobby bar to greet late arrivals.

I stressed my BMs out a little on Friday night unfortunately by stair surfing following a lot of champagne and some heavy encouragement from my sis & brother. As you can imagine, stunts like this can only end badly on your wedding eve and I was no exception making it halfway down the staircase before flipping down the rest on my head. Luckily I survived it with no facial damage but paid for it with a massive swollen ankle that ballooned instantly.

Out of pride (and acknowledgment of my own stupidity), I sucked it up and told no one of the pain and wore my heels all day and night so guests at the wedding were surprised to see I was ok after falling down the stairs the night before (my mum didn't want everyone to know what hooligans her children are so this was her official line). I was embarrassed though to think people thought I fell down the stairs so I was quick to correct them that I was actually 'stair surfing'.

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