Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Totally inspired by my new vision for our home, I even madeover the blog today. Not sure where I am going with the makeover but I was just really over looking at that blue background everyday.

So, what went 'out' I bet you're wondering? Well, S reminded me just before our wedding when I mentioned to him that our garage needed a big cleanout that I have a lot of crap in there taking up space ... including a Super Nintendo and games of all things. Of course that stayed in my mind for a whole 2 secs before sliding out again until yesterday when I was adding some new listings to ebay and recalled the console.

Well, a quick ebay search showed me these old pieces are worth $$$ - I know, I'm totally shocked. No kidding, within 5 mins of listing it I had a cash offer for $50! Given that immediate offer I have decided to hold out for at least $70 at this stage and I think this will pay off as its up to $40 today with 4 days to run.

Any good clearout or redesigning deserves a few new pieces so with this in mind, S and I bought some new bedside drawers and lamps for our room. Our room has an overall choclate and wood theme so the accent colour here is going to be red. We have started with red lamps ($28 for 2 from Target - bargain!) and will build from here as required.

Wait for it though, my favourite new purchase absolutely has to be our new computer ... we bought an iMac! As we had to return early from Japan and I didn't get to do any serious shopping, we decided to invest the leftover funds into a decent computer. Snaps to the boys at JB HiFi Robina, their customer service was far superior over the Apple Store who didn't even acknowledge us despite standing around for 15 mins.

In the best interests of our new computer, we also bought a new desk. Love this desk but it was a nightmare to erect - the instructions say 60 mins but no kidding, S and I were still toiling some 3+ hours later.

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