Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Osaka by day part 1

After a late night wandering around Shinsaibashi we rose early and eager to explore. First stop on the list was the tourist infrormation centre to find out about a tour to Hiroshima for the following day. Funnily, finding the tourist info centre ended up being the hardest part of our trip but eventually got there and encountered a very helpful person who gave us some advice on travel to Hiroshima and some info on day tours around Osaka.

On her advice we bought a 1 day tourist pass for 2000y each which allowed us to use the metro & buses and gave us a map and free entry to around 30 attractions including castles, zoo, aquarium, ferris wheel and a whole host of other places that entry was at least 500y for per place. Great value and a fun adventure for us to take a self guided Osaka tour.

We set out in high spirits to the Osaka castle and had no trouble negotiating the subway system (its actually one of the easiest I've used). The Osaka castle and grounds were beautiful and we loved the architecture, tranquil gardens and view from the tower. Stopping for an Asahi at the kiosk we sat down to plan our next place and decided on the Tennoji Zoo much to S' dismay.

This is a time capsule buried in 1978 for Expo and due to be opened in 6078!

This was a bit more a mission to get to and involved a fair bit of walking to S' disgust but he stayed in good humour. On our way, we walked past a very serious large looking temple and shrine so I suggested we pop in for a look. We entered the gates to the Insshinji Temple and I should have realised it was not so much a tourist attraction as a genuine local place of worship when I read the statues at the gates were made from dead peoples ashes. Anyway, after a quick look around we could see no tourists and no one taking photographs and decided we should probably get out of there so we lit a candle to show respect and hightailed it to continue our search for the zoo.


  1. i just read the last 3 posts, congrats on the wedding, and you sound like your having an amazing time venturing round on the honeymoon im assuming?

  2. Thank you :)
    We did have an amazing time till we got to Tokyo 15 mins before the earthquake hit.
    Finally home and back online so posting my trip now when I get time so I can have a record of it all.