Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orange accents

So I toyed with the idea of copying M and her lounge room colour scheme of red and browns - a fabulous look of course but have decided to pioneer my own course and I have finally gotten around to choosing an accent colour for our lounge room to go with off-white walls, chocolate & beige couch and dark wood furniture ... oranges and shades of peach!

I know, I'm excited too about this snazzy new colour combination and have managed to get S on the bandwagon.

However, now I am struggling to find some reasonably priced yet interesting cushions - thinking textures like velvet or ruffles etc.

My mum has kindly donated two interesting satiny type burnt orange cushions so now I just need to complete the look with two velvet/suede and two ruffled cushions.

Loving these ...

But for $40 each on ebay plus postage, I just can't justify the spend.

I'm also on the hunt for orangey decorators pieces - no idea what but will know them when I see them - I'm hoping.


  1. Go to spotlight, buy some fabric and MAKE them! Cushions are the best way to learn to sew! Cheaper.. and so much more pride in the fact you made them!

  2. Great idea ... but I don't have a sewing machine :)