Thursday, March 31, 2011

New staff - love it when I'm right

We have had to hire 3 new staff in the past month for both sales and rentals positions that have come up in the business. We as always had an overwhelming response to the adverts - so much so that I had to pull them after 2 days on seek as I already had over 200 resumes to peruse! After a round of interviews and shuffling some applicants between sales and rentals depending on their experience and ambition, I came up with 3 ladies who seemed like a good fit for our office. I have not been wrong yet and these ladies are doing me proud. I know its still early days but these 3 ladies have slipped into their roles and teams seamlessly with no fuss and are picking up the systems and procedures at lightning speed. Recruitment can be a bit hit and miss as someone can have great resume and references then not be able to do the job at hand. That's why I shortlist 10-20 suitable resumes then interview the 5 top and work down if necessary. I don't believe in super formal interviews and conduct them as more of a chat - the more questions I have is usually a good sign for the candidate.

It can be a little overwhelming to be wholly responsible for the hiring of new staff but the boss backs me 100% on all decisions which makes it easy for me to trust my instinct and go with it. I have a 9 out of 10 strike rate so far having had only one very minor blip on my recruitment record.

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