Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Faves

I randomly found a new favourite socialite icon today on Twitter of all places!

I follow Britt Gastineau who has been a favourite of mine since the E show years ago, Gastineau Girls filmed with her mother Lisa.

Anyways, she tweeted this morning about her oldest bestie Vanessa Trump which led me to query who is Vanessa Trump .. did Donaly have another affair and child scandal that I missed?

Thanks to my trusty friends at Google, turns out Vanessa is married to Donald Jnr and an ex-model who grew up on the Upper East Side. They have 2 children with a 3rd on the way.

I think she is absolutely stunning in a natural healthy way and have found quite a few blogs who love to follow her due to her classic style.

New York girls seem to have all the makings of classic style icons - Olivia Palermo is another favourite.

Have you or had you heard of Vanessa Trump?


  1. Never heard of her! Agree, she is stunning in a real, wholesome and natural way!!

  2. Good, so I'm not the only one who got caught out here lol. You have summed her look up perfectly - very wholesome :)

  3. just started reading your blog over from VF. nice to see a GC girl blogging :)
    and i thought i was the only one who used to love watching 'gastineau girls'! brittny and lisa were hysterical!

  4. GC girl too mimi? :)
    I know, my lil' sis and I looooved the Gastineau Girls but I don't even know anyone who has heard of them let alone watched the show!
    Hope you enjoy the blog - I welcome all feedback X

  5. i am indeed! :) beautiful wedding photos too! :)