Thursday, March 31, 2011

New books

Have you noticed the trending on my blog today ... the word new is getting thrown around a lot I can see.

Well, in sticking to a good thing, I have more new purchases to share!

I found out just this week that 3 of my favourite easy-read authors have all released new books right now.

This frustrates me to know end as everytime one of them brings out a new book, I clamour to get it, read it in 2-3 days (I'm a very fast reader) then have to wait at least another year or so for one of them to put out a new book.

Who are the three authors and what are their new books I hear you ask...

Mia Freedman - Mia Culpa

I just love Mia and her writing style. She makes me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. She writes with total honesty and candour and so many times I find myself nodding along or thinking OMG how does she know that or that's exactly right! I own and love The New Black and Mama Mia and everyone I lend these books to falls in love with Mia as well. I read the intro to this one last night and seriously, laughed out loud and nodded in agreement - lucky S wasn't home or he would have called me crazy.

Mary Higgins Clark - I'll Walk Alone

I cannot even describe how much I love this style of murder mystery (even though I am a massive fraidy cat). Her books are exciting, fast paced and the characters are extremely well-written. I have been reading her since I was about 13 (used to sneak them from my mum's bookshelf) and own all of her books now. I have read most of her books at least 3-4 times and still never get sick of the stories.

Jackie Collins - Goddess of Vengeance

Pure trash and my guiltiest pleasure. I used to sneak these from my mum when I was 13 also and had to hide them well as she would have had a fit - let's face it, its not really appropriate reading material for a young teen. I especially love her Lucky Santangelo series as do most of her fans and this book is the latest to join that series so I am excited about getting stuck into this one - might leave it though for either a rainy weekend when S is working or over Easter.

So you don't think I only read rubbish (I do love Dan Brown, John Grisham, Mark Gimenez, Sophie Kinsella etc), some of my all time favourite books are classics like Gone with the Wind.

Who are your favourite authors?


  1. Thanks for the review of Mia's novel, GCREG. I'm planning to read it myself.

    Really loving the new look and direction with the blog.

    SSG xx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Thank you for the book suggestions. I don't have any favorites - my taste in books seems to always change. Right now I am reading "A Reliable Wife" which I enjoyed in the beginning, but now I'm a bit bored. That Mary Higgins Clark book looks interesting - perhaps I'll pick up a copy for my next read!

  3. Just discovered your blog.

    I've been at the GC for the weekend and found a fabulous secondhand book store - Broadbeach Books. Do you know it? Tonnes of books at great prices.

    TDM x

  4. Thanks for the feedback SSG, your blog is one of my favourites!
    Adrienne, try MHC as you will not be disappointed.
    Thanks Distressed Mother, I work right near that book shop and visit it on many a lunch break :)