Friday, March 25, 2011

Never say never

I managed to track down another Country Road lemming yesterday ... no thanks to the local store assistant. I'm getting so good at this, I might offer it as a professional service.

Its a dress that I have been lemming since October last year but was almost impossible to get in my size as it sold out so quickly 'apparently'. I say 'apparently' because imagine my surprise when the latest sale started and it was suddenly on the rack in 3 different local stores - unfortunately only in a 14 or 16.

So taking matters into my own hands, I went to the CR facebook page, got the item code and called the local store. The SA was most helpful over the phone and given my VIP status (due to frightening spending levels instore), she advised she would ring around Australia and track me down the dress.

The SA called back 30 minutes later to advise she had called everywhere and there were none available.

Well if you read my blog, you will know that 'no' doesn't detere me when I especially want something and this instance was no difference.

I called 3 interstate stores and 'bingo' a store in Melbourne was most happy to provide me with a phone order and the dress is now on its way to my parents house (safer to get deliveries there or to work as someone is always around and I dont have to explain to S).

What do you think... worth the effort?

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