Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

What did you and your Valentine get up to yesterday?

S and I agreed not to make a big deal out of the Hallmark holiday as we have a wedding in 18 days which is a bit more of a priority. That said, we also aren't really into Valentines Day any other year either - its just not really our thing. Plus we went out for an amazing dinner Saturday night which counts towards romanticism I think.

So yesterday was a pretty average day for us although I decided to surprise S and had this delivered to his work:

Even though 'I cheated' according to him, I could tell how pleased he was by the small effort.

He in return bought me home a red flower (gerbera) and a little red Valentine teddy - cute!

I forgot though that he had soccer last night and that I would be home alone so I called M to keep me amused and we ended up being each other's Valentine as D was also out.

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  1. Only 18 days! Wow! So soon! How very exciting!!!