Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on previous post 2

Packing for my hens weekend and M has very kindly provided a helpful list of necessities:

* clothes - cause apparently no one wants me to spend the weekend naked (good thing all round I feel)

* a towel - only one? I think I will bring 2 - can't use a swimming towel for showering

* swimmers - I thought this was kind of obvious as we are staying on the beach

* bedding - good idea, I am quite attached to my pillow

* a torch

... yep, and this is where the list got weird!

WTF a torch?

For starters I don't even own a torch - in case of blackouts, I rely on all those crappy candles I bought or was gifted with over the years.

Secondly, I go camping regularly (annually at least) and never use a torch as most holiday parks are pretty well lit.

I am now becoming concerned that activities or festivities may involve a Blair Witch Project element.

See the terror in this girl's eyes - yep, I experienced that just watching the movie!
M, if you still read my blog - I hated Blair Witch, it petrified me, scarred me even and a re-enaction for my hens would not be to anyone's benefit, particularly yours if you value your BM status :) (ps. luv u) xx

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  1. Oooh - I hope there were no BlairWitchy activities!! Hope you had a great weekend :)