Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday Night Dinner in Bulimba

So Saturday night after a huge day babysitting the gorgeous and super intelligent baby S, we headed to Brisbane to see M and D for something different. Plus given they have only recently moved up, its nice to make the effort to go up there rather than them having to come to the Coast every other weekend.

After a long drive to Bulimba (long because S was driving me crazy on the way), we arrived without having killed each other thankfully but also very pleased to get out of the confined space.

M and D had nominated a local restaurant called Sugo Mi for dinner and we set off down the main street to find it. It was a touch walk as the street was lined with delicious smelling restaurants and cafes we would have been all too happy to dine at.

We persevered and found ourselves at Sugo Mi. Absolutely packed but smelling so amazing, when we were told there would be a wait for a table, we happily took a seat at the bar for a drink.

We didn't even get through half of our drinks when we were seated and menus supplied. We agreed to get the best out of dinner we would order 2 pizzas and 2 pastas for everyone to share. This turned out to be a great idea in everyone's favour although D definitely won the pick of the night.

We ordered:

the piccante pizza - sugo (the special sauce), sopressa, mozarella and fresh chilli

the gamberoni pizza - garlic prawns, mozarella, boccocini, italian parsley and fresh chilli

the gnocchi - a very light blue cheese sauce with walnuts (this was to die for - absolutely delicious, we all argued over licking the bowl which is very unrefined but would have been totally worth it)

the parpadelle - free range duck ragu with caramelised onions, wilted spinach & pepper mascarpone

It was also extremely well priced with drinks and four mains coming in at under $50 per person. I cannot rave about this meal enough! The flavours were amazing but not overdone and we all left feeling satisfied but not stuffed.

Honestly, to steal FF's phrase - run don't walk people, you need to eat here!

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