Friday, February 11, 2011

Lolly buffets, camp fire games & univited guests who wont leave

The title pretty much sums up Friday night of my Hens.

After a VERY hot day spent setting up our campsite, swimming and drinking Chandon, we settled in for dinner (homemade Chilli Con Carne with guac, sour cream, corn chips and salsa) and the evening's entertainment.

The first of the surprises was da da da daaaa:

A lolly buffet filled with all my old school favourites - whizz fizz, sherbert bottles, toffee apples, nerds, popcorn, gum balls and more.

After stuffing our noodle boxes (personalised with stickers of my hen's logo - I know sounds important with a logo and all) with all the goodies we could, we settled in with topped glasses to play celebrity heads.

Celebrity heads is always a laugh but even more so with heaps of competitive people who have consumed too much champagne. It took C & T's mother around half an hour to guess that she was 'Tarzan'. Me? I was Kate Middleton (which is harder than it sounds because she's not royalty yet and she's not a character, actress, singer or model).

Celebrity heads was followed up with pictionary on the whiteboard which led to lots of laughter and shouting which then lead to the campsite manager popping in to nicely ask us to keep it down. Then he pulled up a chair, ate the last 5 cupcakes, took a turn in pictionary and generally wouldn't leave - weird! Especially because it was clearly a hens event with all women.

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