Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jumping out of my skin...


I know, I'm excited, can't you tell?

I don't know much in the way of details but apparently there is a very thorough itinerary covering Friday through to Sunday evening - sounds like a bit of a big deal doesn't it?

My only stipulations were to do with the guest list: I advised I would ultimately prefer a small group including my bridesmaids, sis in law, my mum, mother in law and my mum's 2 besties (one of whom is my celebrant & 3 of my BMs mother). Added to this were S' besties wives whom I love. I just find a smaller group is easier to manage and have fun with plus I had no idea where to draw the guest list line otherwise and could have ended up with 50+ invitees which was just too much.

I discovered the location for the weekend early on in the planning thanks to some sneaky coaxing from C and my sister being concerned that the plans wouldn't be what I wanted. C tried so hard to keep the venue a secret offering only one clue 'it will take you back to childhood'. Well considering I have known C from birth and no one can beat us in Taboo (cause we understand each other's thinking), one clue is all I needed ... 'camping in Byron Bay'. C was surprisingly shocked but replied 'ok, but you dont know where to which I replied 'Clarkes Beach'. C was totally shocked until I pointed out, what could sum up our childhood better than the camping trips our families used to take here every year!

Since then, everyone has been sworn to secrecy and I have no details except that there is a 'THING' on Saturday (really, it needs capitals from the tones the girls have when they mention it) and that my sis in law has planned hens games and M has had something to do with the planning of Saturday night's festivities. I also know C's sis T is in charge of food.

Cannot wait as these girls individually are ultimate party planners but combined, this weekend is going to be crazy!

It should also be entertaining to see some of the girls having to camp - 2 in particular :)

C, M and I set out Friday morning to set up the campsite - this will involve C and I setting up tents and M as far away as possible (to avoid the moaning and potential damage to the tents).

Ps. If you don't know Clarkes, check it out next time you are in Byron - its right on the beach just a short walk from town in one direction and the Lighthouse in the other.

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