Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm going to be a Skinny Mini ...

well hopefully! That's the goal anyway.

So I finally took the plunge and started the Skinny Mini detox on Monday - yep, the one I blogged about ages ago. I'm not usually such a procrastinator but a 5 day detox just hasn't been convenient in S and my schedule lately between parties, dinners and other social occasions.

Moving forward, this week seemed ideal to tackle the box sitting on my kitchen bench (I left it out to remind/mock me) as we had no dinner bookings or nights out planned. I started on Monday, dreading having my first juice mix upon waking up and let me tell you, apart from the fibres of fibre, it really wasn't awful - kind of like that juice concentrate you buy.

Now on the Skinny Mini detox you are allowed fresh fruit & veg (even potatoes before 3pm), brown/grain foods, eggs, lean meats ... and that's about all I can remember. You are not allowed sugar, caffeine (no coke is killing me), juice, white processed foods, dairy, alcohol etc - you get the idea I'm sure.

Surprisingly I am not struggling too badly although am pretty over eating eggs and would really love some cheese, a coke or an icy coffee milk. A glass of wine would be nice too but I'm not struggling as badly as I thought with the alcohol ban.

This is what I have eaten this week:

Mon - B wheat toast with no butter or spread, L subway wheat sub (stuffing removed) with turkey & salad no dressings, D vegie frittata

Tues - B poached egg on wheat toast no butter, L roast vegies, D huge green salad with honey soy chicken tenderloins

Wed - B poached egg on wheat toast no butter, L avocado and mushroom salad and frozen berries for dessert, D green salad with chopped bacon shortcut round

Thurs - B grilled bacon shortcut round on wheat toast no butter, L subway wheat sub (stuffing removed) with turkey & salad no dressings, D no idea!

So there is only Thursday dinner and Friday lunch and dinner to sort out and I've done it!

Surprisingly I have suffered no side effects from this detox and all appears to be quite normal and regular with me - this is good news as I was gearing up for headaches and all sorts. Thinking I might take the weekend off then do another week of the program next week given it hasn't been the traumatic experience I expected.

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