Friday, February 11, 2011

Changing my mind

S is going to kill me! And I can't really blame him to be honest!

So we finally finalised our wedding cake this week. If you recall I wanted a tower of cheese wheels but S and my parents were very anti this so a lovely friend of ours took on the job of crafting our cake.

She created a sample for us and it was mindblowing - each tier was 4 layers with each layer alternating between blueberry almond & white choc to raspberry macadamia & white choc. It was divine and tasted amazing. Unfortunately when she priced the ingredients, they totalled some $650!!! I know, I don't even like cake, especially not $650 cake! She was spot on though as pricing the same cake through the pro's garnered quotes up to $1500!

Back to drawing board we settled on a 2 tier 50cm high dark choc mud with white icing and I paid for it today.

Then... I logged onto the Vogue forums to check out the bridal thread. Not a good idea! Some of the lovely voguettes were discussing their macaron tower cakes and very kindly posted pics (which of course I clicked on).

So, the macaron craze hasn't really hit the Gold Coast. Indeed, a google search of gold coast+macaron didn't elicit any local businesses. But on seeing the voguette pics, I have decided I HAVE TO HAVE A MACARON TOWER.

The good news is, I contacted our cake friend who has since been in contact to advise this is totally in her repertoire and she will play around with flavours over the weekend and give me the verdict on Monday!

Hooray!!!! I will have my macaron tower - I have a back up as there is a place in brisbane we can source the macarons from to make our own tower if necessary (always have a backup plan).

S will not be impressed I have changed things again but he is smart enough to know if I'm happy then his life will be easier. Love him :)


  1. You need to check out MySweetopia South Brisbane! AMAZING!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip Xarah! Will definitely check it out :)