Monday, February 21, 2011

Baked goods

Today is my last Monday at work for 3 weeks! I could not be happier - I haven't had a holiday in over2 years.

So the wedding is in 12 days and I am taking the week off prior to so this is my last week at work to get everything in order and finalised - not going to be an easy task with my boss off to Thursday.

Moving forward, as it is my last week, I decided to make morning tea for the team so so they would think nicely of me while I am away. No, seriously, I just thought morning tea would be a nice touch although I forgot how disorganised I am on a Sunday and the baking meant staying up till after 11pm last night running on little to no sleep already.

I made caramel butternut tarts and lime & coconut cupcakes. Both are a huge hit with the team and everyone has been very appreciative and complimentary.

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