Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Avoiding False Advertising - Keeping True to the Title

Well, considering my blog includes 'real estate' in the title, I thought it might be about darn time that I post something real estate orientated (other than my salespeople vents).

I guess I will start with a little wrap up of the Central Gold Coast market including beachside property.

The area in which I (and my office) are based comprises a huge demographic with property ranging from studios to full blown million dollar mansions. We deal with holiday investments, long term investments, first home buyers etc etc.

The past few months has been frighteningly scary in our area with little to no sales being made, big developments going into receivership, whispers of other big developments verging on receivership, real estate offices closing down daily... you get the idea, its like doomsday around here!

Luckily we have a amazing boss who also happens to be a very smart businessman. He has set our office up to be much more secure than the average real estate office and we function very nicely with around 30 staff.

January is traditionally our busiest month of the year for sales with the area overflowing with holidaymakers and people out and about taking advantage of the sunshine. This year January was a terrible month and the results gave all of our sales team a good fright I think.

On a positive note though, sales are looking up for February so far and we are seeing buyers returning to the market with renewed confidence. Certainly there are a lot more people showing up to inspections.

Rentals on the other hand are always crazy. We have a huge rent roll and rental department with all 11 staff constantly busy. I think our record of rented properties for the month is well over 60! Demand hasn't waned since the middle end of last year and we are only seeing this strengthen - particularly as many Brisbane residents affected by the floods have had to relocate to the GC given property demand up there.

Moving forward, I hope this post didn't bore you and that you will keep reading my blog :)


  1. Real Estate is one crazy game.
    One of my closest friends is an agent.
    We have just done all the paperwork to list our place today.
    Although they are getting great numbers at opens in our area, it's not the case everywhere.

  2. Are you selling Sammie? Real estate is always a roller coaster at the best of times but lately its the worst kind of roller coaster :)