Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's crazy times here in Queensland with Brisbane set to be hit with the biggest flood we have seen to date.

It is predicted the Brisbane River will rise to 18-19 metres overnight.

Thankfully my lil brother didn't go to work today but my sis did. They are both in the West End which started flooding this morning and I was frantic with worry till my sis called me after 11am to let me know she was on her way home.

My bestie M is in the CBD which also started flooding and the banks of the Brisbane River have now broken - very frightening! M described the CBD as surreal and like the end of the world. She couldn't even get public transport home due to the mad rush to leave and had to wait for her boy to make it in to the City to pick her up. She is at home but not necessarily safe - she lives one street back from the Brisbane River in Bulimba, a suburb set to receive some serious flooding overnight and Thursday. Hopefully she and D and D's sis in law are going to try and get down the Coast tonight and stay with us till things clear up.

My parents are also causing me much stress, insisting on staying put at their Lennox Heads caravan spot rather than tripping home 3 days early. They are in Northern NSW surrounded by 3 major rivers that are predicted to breach but aren't concerned at all. Grrrr parents!

These rains are just so frightening and its devastating to hear what is happening across Queensland. It's also upsetting to hear that people are being forced to abandon their pets (evac centres aren't allowing animals) and others are stockpiling enormous amounts of food leaving none for others.

People in flood areas, make sure you look out for your neighbours, the elderly, the infirm and children where possible!

Also, if you have facebook, 'like' the 'Queensland Police' page to receive regular and accurate warnings/updates.

So far so good on the homefront here but that could change depending on our Canal's reaction to the King Tide - it has a fair way to swell though before reaching our back door.

On a happier note, how great is this guy! A true Aussie - out rescuing Kangaroos!

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