Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I learnt in 2010

1. The beginning of the year kicked off exactly the same as the one before
2. Planning a wedding derails your life, takes over every conversation, interferes in at least 90% of the working day and creates mountains of paperwork, checklists, computer folders and sub-folders
3. The only thing you can do when a friend loses everything is be there with an ear and a shoulder - also stocktake the fridge & cupboards and show up with each visit with something you got 'on sale' or 2 for 1
4. Life is not easy ... EVER
5. There are some people you can always count on no matter what
6. Some times you just have to let it go and move on
7. Watching your little bro go through his first big heartbreak is almost as bad as experiencing it yourself
8. I have the best friends ever
9. Weddings create stress, divisions, drama, jealousy, conversation topic, work
10. Parents never out live their usefulness - I will always need my mum and dad
11. Health is a fickle thing and I need to take better care of myself
12. Nothing gives more joy than watching a baby grow and learn
13. I do not need to buy clothes just because they're on sale - I do not need another black cardi to add to my collection of 20
14. Ebay is an addiction
15. Be nicer than you need to be because everyone is fighting some kind of battle
16. My mum and dad will always need me, love me and be there for me
17. Losing my grandparents still hurts
18. Most wedding dresses on the rack are ugly till you try them on
19. Unless you give very clear verbal instructions backed up by written, boys still wont know how to do it or get it done
20. I really do have the best job and the best boss

I'm sure there will be more I can add to this as I think of it!

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