Thursday, January 13, 2011

Volunteering & Donations

To alleviate my feelings of helplessness, S doesn't know it yet but tonight we will be doing a ruthless declutter of our home to aid those that have lost everything in the floods.

I know there is at least a bag full of clothes in my wardrobe that can go and S has 3 bags of Zoo York, Elwood etc T Shirts that have barely been worn that I have been meaning to take to Lifeline. I also have stacks of books, towels, bags, sheets and goodness knows what else in the garage that can all go to the cause. Its a good start and I think on Saturday I will pop into my local supermarket and stock up on non-perishables to add.

I have also put my name down to volunteer for admin work for the emergency with surf life saving who are coordinating major Brisbane rescue efforts.

I am enormously proud of my brother and some of our friends too... they are doing 13 hours shifts in a rescue boat on the Brisbane River assisting people. Honestly, what amazing people!

One of the channel 9 reporters last night said that he asked General Peter Cosgrove after the Townsville disaster a few years ago, what more can we do for these people who have been devastated and the General replied, 'Don't forget these people.' So please Australia, spread the word and don't forget the people who are suffering and may take years to recover.

In the midst of all the sadness, I am oving some of the heartwarming stories coming out of the disaster areas like the guy who saved his family in Grantham and then rescued another 5 townspeople. Honestly, Australians really are just incredible people!

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