Friday, January 21, 2011

Skinny Mini

Has anyone heard of this new super detox program?

I hadn't either until one of the girls at work started talking about it and how she had heard such great things about it.

Me being somewhat of a joiner and into fads at times, jumped on google to check out what I could on Skinny Mini. I read all the information thoroughly and thought it sounded like a worthwhile detox.

I particularly like that it goes for only 5 days (doable), they don't ban food (apart from all the good stuff, particularly anything white), there is no weird syrup to lug around and they also say results can be as good as up to 4kgs.

The downside is no alcohol allowed with it but its only 5 days so I can manage that but wont be able to start it till Monday as M, C & I are having a girls night out as C managed to convince hubby to stay home with baby S.

Wish me luck people and if all goes to plan, I will be a skinny mini!

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