Friday, January 28, 2011

Sand Ceremony

S and I are having our ceremony in an outdoor chapel so this discounted a candle lighting ceremony as part of our service (it would be embarassing if they couldn't get things lit - plus my sis had a candle lighting ceremony so I think I would like something a little different.

That's why S and I decided a sand ceremony performed by our mothers would be appropriate. (I always feel sorry for the mothers at weddings as its mostly focused on the father - he walks you down the aisle, the men predominantly make the speeches etc).

I have been looking up prices for sand ceremony kits and can you believe some wedding sites are charging $90+ for some coloured sand and 3 glass bottles.

Maybe I will try sourcing the bits myself although not sure I could be bothered with everything else to do on my list ... maybe I should just pay the price?

Its true what they say, the word wedding = triple normal price!

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