Monday, January 31, 2011

Porto Bellago

Just around the corner from my parents' home is a gorgeous development styled on a European city/town ... Porto Bellago. It has restaurants, some specialty shops and a Gloria Jeans to service the houses and apartments in the estate.

Its a stunning estate and this is where our wedding photographers requested we meet them on Saturday afternoon at 5pm.

With plenty of nerves, S and I arrived early and decided to sneak a quick drink at the Garlic Clove restaurant to dull and nerves before the photographers arrived. The sneak part didn't really work as they arrived just after our drinks were served (a delicious Cremant for me and a Heineken for S). They kindly waited for us to finish before we set off for some photos.
Unfortunately it was super windy so we had to find sheltered spots so I wouldn't spend the whole time pulling my hair off my face. Positively, the drinks had the desired effect in loosening S up and we had a lovely time laughing, kissing and posing in charming alleys, in front of European buildings and lastly, on the Spanish Steps.
The e-shoot reinforced our reasons for choosing our photographers (natural, candid and with a great sense of humour) and helped us to move naturally in front of a camera in preparation for the big day!

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