Thursday, January 27, 2011

Online shopping

is very very dangerous! Especially if you are hungover and addicted to Oroton and read the Vogue forums - yep, we're talking about me right now.

Bored and trying to ignore my pounding head and churning tummy, I was checking out the Vogue forums and discovered an Oroton 50% sale! I know, I was excited too.

Now I own a million Oroton items but there are a million more I want so surprisingly, I didn't even hesitate or browse. I knew exactly what I wanted from this sale and became an unbelievably super-decisive shopper.

I bought (or rather dangerously, my credit card did) ... da da dahhhh
The Venice Tote in Smog (colour not shown in this pic) as did a few other voguettes I believe.

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