Friday, January 14, 2011

My weekend and disruptions

So, S and I were supposed to be heading to Couran Cove tomorrow for a final site inspection with our coordinator.

Well, in light of the king tides, forcast weather and lack of fresh supplies available, Couran Cove has closed its resort till further notice (I think they expect to be back up mid next week). Perfectly understandable in the current climate and we will happily reschedule our inspection in the coming week.

This has left me with some free time... actually it did leave me with free time but I booked that up within 15 mins of finding out I had free time!

My weekend has now been allocated to a birthday drink with my baby bro tonight, shopping for BM jewellry tomorrow morning, family dinner at The Aztec tomorrow night (yummmm Desperados - French tequila beer), a catch up with one of my BMs for a shoe fitting Sunday morning and a Sunday afternoon session on the water at Titanium bar. I know, who can keep pace let alone keep appointments straight!

These plans all hinge though on whether or not I get called into emergency admin for flood support by Surf Life Saving in which case EVERYTHING is cancelled till further notice.

What are you up to this weekend?

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