Thursday, January 20, 2011

My garter...

S is in for a HUGE surprise at our wedding ...

Okay, so I have decided to wear a garter for the wedding in light of the fact that S loves the traditional elements of a wedding.

With this in mind, I set out yesterday to search wedding sites, etsy and of course good ol' reliable ebay for something pretty with maybe a touch of pale blue or pink. In my boredom, I also scrolled through old bridal threads on the Vogue forums from 2007/2006. Well, who would have thought this would be inspiring? I know, not me!

I was wrong (and so were you)!

So I read a thread on garters where a voguette had sourced her a garter in her future hubby's favourite football (read soccer) team colours - no kidding, it was actually official merchandise (see below)!

Well, I was inspired and thought this would make a fabulous surprise for S. I also decided that garters are borderline tacky so if I am going to be a little bit tacky, I might as well tack it up some more.

With this in mind I got busy ebaying, googling, etsying and all sorts with no luck! What I did discover was that Man U had discontinued their official garter and I didn't think S would appreciate a Chelsea or Everton one.

Disheartened I was considering giving up... no, not really, surely you know me well enough by now to know I persevere till I get my way! I am very one track minded this way.

Taking the risk of emailing an Etsy seller in the US who does lovely work with their National NFL teams, I discovered she would be happy to personalise a Man U one for me and best of all, I wasn't the only order for a Man U garter (I know, who would have thought).

Here is a sample of her work:

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