Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first attempt...

I did a bit of a clean out around 11pm on Saturday night of my cookbook and recipes cupboard - I'm very slack though as I forgot to take before and after photos.

Anyway, moving forward ... it was a lengthy process as I am one of those people that regularly print recipes off taste.com and other cooking websites then get home and stuff them in said cupboard rather than take the time to file them in my Kikki K recipe organisers.

So, imagine me sprawled on our loungeroom floor surrounded by masses of paper, cookbooks, folders and takeaway menus! Of course it wasn't as simple as just filing the printouts and menus, I had to read them first to see why I printed them in the first place. This process was actually very inspiring and armed with a pen and paper, I came up with a menu for the week that is a little different and definitely more exciting than anything I have been doing lately.

Last night was my first attempt at cooking seafood - long story but basically I haven't eaten seafood until the last 6 months. S was pretty excited at the prospect as he is a big seafood fan but doesn't get to enjoy it unless we go out as I am still a little shaky on eating it let alone cooking it.

With a mind to my experience and fear of giving us both food poisoning, I chose a simple but tasty recipe that I knew we would both enjoy ... Garlic Prawn Linguine.

These are actual photos of my masterpiece....

It was delicious although next time I will add more garlic!!! ps. I left out the capers as S doesn't like them.


  1. Well done you! It looks delicious - a seafood success!

    Doesn't it feel great to get organised? We hope you wrangled those loose recipes into your 'My Recipes' folder during the process.

    You might also like to think about a weekly Meal Planner pad and take your cooking adventures to a whole new level! (http://www.kikki-k.com/shop/product/meal-planner-red/)

    Cheers to an organised and inspired 2011. xx

  2. Thanks KikkiK, I did manage to get the recipes filed. Already a very proud owner of almost the whole KikkiK range including meal planner and weekly planner - S wouldn't have a clue what was happening in our lives without it.