Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun pics

Not much to do at the moment so thought I would share some fun pics from a US holiday I took with friends in 2007/08.

The haunted house at Disneyland - sadly it was very average for all the hype.

Mostly like a museum tour of sets from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Entrance to the Indianna Jones ride at Disneyland - lots of fun.

Mexican - sangria & guac in LA

NYE in Times Square at Planet Hollywood

A random chair we found in the backrooms of the Redwood Bar in San Fran.

Happy hour/C's birthday warmup in our hotel room in San Fran.

Posing in the bathrooms at Les Deux in LA - they have every cosmetic/beauty item a lady could need on their counter for use.

Red bus tour around LA.

Katie - a lovely bartender at Uva who took a shine to the visiting 'Ossies'

Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland - dont be deceived, it was December and the weather was freezing!

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