Friday, January 28, 2011

Fleur de lis

Place cards are a pain in the ***!

I am not having place cards as such for the wedding but rather photos I have snatched from everyones' facebook to indicate seating arrangements. I thought this would be a great talking point if anyone is seating with people they don't know.

Anyway, so the annoying thing is how to display the said photos. They are all different sizes etc so little frames don't work but also I am finding they are super expensive for their purpose! I only want them to hold a photo!

The best I have found so far that dont look ultra tacky are these Fleur de lis holders:

They match the theme quite well in either the bronze or silver but the frustrating this is I can get them for under $1 each on a US site (that doesn't ship to Australia of course) and the cheapest in Oz is about $2 a holder which equals $200 for place card holders - RIDICULOUS grrr

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