Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doomsday Downpour

It hasn't stopped raining here for I can't even remember how long! Its just about apocalyptic but I feel like a bit of a brat having been complaining about the rain, particularly after hearing the latest news from the Toowoomba floods in addition to speaking with best friend M yesterday.

While the rain has been at most, inconvenient for me and making life a little miserable and depressing, my fellow Queenslanders are seeing their homes and livelihood destroyed and sadly, even lives have now been lost.

My bestie M works in a State support role for a bank with numerous regional branches including those in some of Queensland's worst hit areas. She sounded very down on the phone last night and when I queried her, she told me she had spent the day trying to help their staff in flood areas by organising accommodations etc but there were some upsetting cases including a father who couldn't get home to his 2 daughters and had since lost contact with them and another where 2 young staff were away for training and now cant get back home or in contact with their parents. I told M that she was doing a fantastic job organising these people a roof over their heads but I also understood why she felt down, you just feel so powerless to help in a situation like this.

I watched some of the telethon on Sunday night and the generosity of our nation never fails to amaze me. Our country always jumps in to help other nations affected by disaster but amazingly, when we are affected, we are pretty self-sufficient in pulling together to look after our own! I love that about Australians - one of the reasons I am so proud to be one!

I urge everyone out there to say a prayer for all of our fellow Australians suffering due to floods. Also, donate something to the relief - every cent helps and as the Virgin CEO said, if everyone on a Virgin flight over the next week donated $1 each then there would be more than a million dollars towards the fund. So $1 may not seem like much but to people who have lost everything, it may make all the difference.

ps. pictures from http://www.goldcoast.com.au/

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