Monday, January 17, 2011


Nope, I am not talking about The Eagles hit even though I am a big fan of that song, I am talking about the tequila beer from France.

I was first introduced to Desperados on a cruise S and I did that involved a port in Noumea. With time to kill before re boarding the ship, S and I checked out the local supermarket and S was beyond excited when he discovered Desperados. He explained to me that these were his all time favourite drink when living and travelling in Europe but he had never been able to get them in Australia.

I quite liked the taste of this beer - sweeter than a normal beer with a bit of a lime flavour. They are a bit dangerous though - 1.9 standard drinks.

Anyway, imagine our surprise when we went to dinner at a local favourite of ours, The Aztec and S spied Desperados in their bar fridge. As you can imagine, S and I eat here even more than we used to now.

We have since tracked down a local importer of the beer but they are $80 a carton - I know, very very 'spensive to quote FF.

Have you seen, tried or like Desperados?

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