Friday, January 7, 2011

Bird Cages, Tony Bianco & Silk Fans

Here are a few of my weddings pieces sourced this week:
Ivory silk fans from ebay - I figured these would be a special touch for the ladies during the ceremony given it is an outdoor (shaded) summer venue. Just $80 for 50.

'Data' shoes from Tony Bianco in Ivory. Reduced from $120 to $40 on Christmas Eve! I know, bargain! I snapped up 8 pairs for 7 of us (extra size just in case one didnt work) frantically. Turns out I got all sizes right for 6 of us and there is only one problem child but TB is trying to sort that out for me today. Just to throw in, I have found TB staff to absolutely wonderful and very very helpful.

Our birdcage wishing well. I started giving some thought to WWs this week and did some research. In my area they are $45 to hire with a $100 bond. I checked out ebay and found this one for $49 so I snapped it up. For jsut about the same price as hire, I will not have to rush around to collect and return. The style, colour and design also perfectly suit our theme and will be a nice touch I feel.

Slowly working through my ever-growing 'to do' list but at least the wedding nightmares have stopped (for now at least).

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  1. Hi there,
    I have a very strange question, hope that's ok! I went on to the TB site to buy the Data shoe (for my wedding in March) and the size I wanted was on the site so made a purchase. But alas, TB emailed me back to say that they actually didn't have the 5.5 in Ivory and they only had 9's and 10's left. In desperation I googled "Tony Bianco Data Ivory" and stumbled on your blog - my question is have you bought a pair of the Datas in size 5, 5.5 or 6 that you would want to sell to me after your wedding?
    Email me on if there is a chance you could help me - I will be eternally grateful!