Friday, January 14, 2011

Another friend's house

This is the home of another friend of mine who lives (lived?) in Fernvale - this is what her home looks like with the waters receding... kind of scary as you can see how high it was:

She, her partner and their 3 young children lost absolutely everything and as you can imagine, are completely heartbroken.

This devastation was enough to spur me in to some serious quick action and thanks to social networking (facebook in particular), a good friend and I have managed to set up a donation site in her big double garage for items.

So far my and my parent's friends have just been amazing dropping off stacks of good quality clothes, toys, strollers, high chairs, linen, you name it! The wonderful news is that thanks to all the donations, we will be able to immediately and easily help other families from the area who are also suffering.

Last night in preparation with S' cooperation, I ransacked our house and packed up towels, sheets, books, clothes, unused toiletries and bags to take to our storage site for donations and thanks to my MIL and mother, I will have a 4wd load of household items (pots & pans, microwaves, dinner sets) to deliver as well.

I am truly so blessed to be surrounded by such caring and beautiful people.

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