Monday, January 17, 2011

3 down, Lord knows how many to go

Poor S, he got dragged around Pacific Fair for almost 3 hours on Saturday afternoon looking for my BM jewellry.
We went into every accessories store I could find including Diva, Lovisa, Soma, Equip ... you get the idea.
After the first few stores though, he was pretty attentive and he got the idea of what I was looking for. So much so that when I was ready to give up because I couldn't find It, HE dragged ME into Myer and went through racks and racks of costume jewellry, waited in line for the sales assistant (I'm seriously at a loss to understand how they sell anything at all - 1 assistant to look after the entire jewellry watch accessories floor), discussed our needs and found the perfect pair!
Only 1 small problem, we have only sourced 5 pairs so far and we need 6. My sis works in Brisbane so is going to pop into CBD Myer and see if they have 1 pair - fingers crossed.

It was so lovely to have FH involved in such a girly part of our wedding and it reminded me again of how much I love him.
Our birdcage and fans also arrived last Friday so my mum bought them to our family dinner Saturday night. Strangely they sent me 2 birdcages when I only ordered 1 - I think it might be because 1 wasn't bubbled wrapped properly and was a bit bent out of shape when we got it.

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