Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Take it Easy

I hit up the Eagles concert on Monday night with my dad and my mum's bestie SW.

We met at mum and dad's and I ended up having to drive in my zippy (read no power) Swift due to an incident in Brisbane involving my little bro J and my mother's need to attend to the matter in person thus taking their very comfy new Prado - another story entirely.

Moving forward, we arrived at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with no incident and surprisingly no traffic. As a result we had time to grab a drink and relax - this worked well as we were perfectly positioned to spot my boss and his wife on their arrival and enjoy a drink with them.

The concert started at 8pm and I was absolutely starving hungry so went to grab a pizza from the concession - no word of a lie, I lined up for 27 minutes and got to the front of the line only to be told there was NO DAMN PIZZA LEFT! Not happy as I stomped back to my seat and had a mini tanty to my dad.

The tanty was quickly forgotten as the lights dimmed and Don, Glenn, Tim and Joe took the stage - after 3+ hours of music I feel we're on first name basis. They opened to How Long from there newest album and I was pleased as this is my fave song off Long Road out of Eden.

The show was absolutely amazing!!!!!! They sung all their old hits and I got goosebumps during Hotel California. I was also surprised by how much emotion I got our of Best of My Love which has never been a enormous favourite.

All the guys spent plenty of time speaking to the audience and introduced Take it to the Limit as the song their wives call 'The Credit Card Song' - it was their first to sell a million copies.

The show went on in amazing fashion and dad, SW and I were loving every minute of it till the last song Heartache Tonight which people actually started leaving through. The lights dimmed after this song and even more people left - crazy fools, didnt they realise there is no way the Eagles would play a show without Take it Easy (my fave) and Desperado (dad's fave).

We sat quietly (actually, loudly ... screaming for encore) in our seats waiting for the eagles to return to stage and our patience was rewarded. They returned and broke into Take It Easy followed by Rocky Mountain Road and finally ended on Desperado - the remaining crowd went wild needless to say.

Wow, at 60+, these guys have still got it and I loved every minute of their show as did my dad and SW who went to their last concert.

I hadn't realised they all had their own songs to lead in, I just thought that was Glenn and Don's role but Tim and Joe are amazing also and it was great to see them singing too. The energy, their talent with instruments and their beautiful harmonies are incomparable!

Also, they played a favourite of mine that Don did on his own, Boys of Summer and again, I loved every minute.

I'm kind of sad to realise I will probably never get to see them live again but feel so lucky to have attended this concert and experienced their music live!

ps. sorry for the terrible pic - I had to rely on my iphone as I haven't cleared my camera memory for U2 & Jay Z.

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