Monday, December 20, 2010

O Holy Night

... is my favourite Christmas carol - just in case you were wondering.

That said, I love most Christmas carols and that may have something to do with my mother playing them from about October every year as we were growing up. No kidding, she has the biggest Christmas songs CD collection I have ever seen and is the ultimate embodiment of Christmas spirit - I guess that's why my fam and I are all very Christmassy.

My parents had plans on the weekend so the siblings and I made our own Christmassy plans and went to the Broadbeach Carols at Kurrawa Park. Our mother was seriously devastated to miss out on our plans and it was touch and go for a bit there as to whether she would cancel her first set of plans - in the end though she decided to be responsible and stick with her prior commitment.

There ended up being about 16 of us who met with rugs, eskys (a west coast or sav blanc never goes astray when carols are to be sung) and some nibbles. We all stretched out on our rugs and sung along to the magic of carols - they played all the classics along with some fun new ones and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

Most spectacularly of all though was the finale with 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and a HUGE fireworks display that just went on and on - I love fireworks, do you?

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