Friday, December 10, 2010

Jay Z & U2...

were amazing!!!!! No surprises there though :)

S, C, L, M, D and I had the best time seeing The Concert of The Year. It was especially great for C, L, M and I as we went to the Vertigo tour together 4 years ago.

We found the Suncorp venue to be a huge improvement over ANZ and found access, entry and the facilities much improved to the last concert.

I ended up recording so much footage on my Ixus that my 4gb memory card was full before the end!

Loved Jay Z performing Empire State of Mind and Run This Town. Such a great sound and nice and loud how we like it!

U2 made a grand rockstar style entrance and as usual, had the best sound! Bono's voice is just incredible - even S agreed and he didn't even like U2 until he saw them live. It was so funny cause S only came to see Jay Z and ended up loving U2, being the first one to stand and cheer.

My only disappointment was the show closed on a low note without a big hit and they didn't play Angel of Harlem.

My highlights were One with a video message from Desmond Tutu and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Such a powerful band with a powerful message - they gave me tingles almost the whole time.

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