Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Tree - minus tinsel

The tree is finally up at home.

It was a bit of a drawn out task with me intending to erect it on the 29th then 30th November till I was admonished by S for daring to do this task before the 1st December. I patiently attempted to explain fellow blogger FF's theory behind following a retail Christmas season. There is a lot of method to this considering the time and energy that goes in to erecting a tree and decorating only to be pulled down 30 days later. Unfortunately S wasnt persuaded.

Moving forward, we had our parents over for dinner on Wednesday night the 1st December (I think they were gearing up for some 'special news' considering both couples were invited which usually only happens on special occasions like birthdays or fathers day etc). Sadly they were disappointed - no way am I getting pregnant before my wedding! No champagne at the best celebration of my life? I dont think so people!

The parents didnt vacate till almost 10pm because we were having sucha lovely time but long dinners are not conducive to Christmas tree erecting and decorating. Once they left, S pulled the tree out of the box and proceeded to put it together discovering that our tree had a 6 month warranty - bizarre we thought considering it is up for a month then in a box for 11 so where is the value? Anyway, this left me to detangle the tree lights - WORST. JOB. EVER!

Finally we each completed our tasks, rigged the lights and decided the decorations would just have to wait till the following day which worked well as I was quite motivated to complete the task after work and knocked the job over in no time.

If you notice on our tree, I decided to forgo tinsel on the tree this year. Not that I have anything against tinsel, I just felt it made the tree look to messy and untidy.

Like our angel? Angels on Christmas trees are very important to me (I get it from my mother who has about 12 Angel Christmas decorations she whips out at this time of year) and last year I even settled for a star on top as I couldn't find the perfect angel. I still think there is room for improvement but I'm pretty happy with this one at the moment - S and I snapped her up in an after Christmas sale.

See our Christmas stockings? We exchanged these our first Christmas together - S had mine made and embroidered with my name while I had his ordered from England in honour of his favourite sporting team. My stocking is enormous and S fills it with presents every year (love him).

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