Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Present Shopping: I'm making a list & checking it twice

I'm going to find out who's naughty or nice ... luckily everyone who started on my Christmas list made the nice cut and remained there.

I love present shopping and this year has been relatively easy as I started making a list of presents for everyone throughout the year but of course there are always last minute changes and impossible people to buy for ... that's right dad, YOU!

So C, L, M & D were the easiest of the year - Jay Z/U2 tickets. I tell you people, it may be one of the best gifts I've ever given and if you ask my friend's thats a pretty big call as I am a very good present giver they say. Honestly, the absolute enjoyment my friends got from the U2 concert was so rewarding for me and of course, it was a wonderful memorable experience we could all share.

S was a little trickier as his birthday is in mid-December so I have to think of double ideas and also extras for my friends, fam and his to give. This year S is getting a bike (& helmet & lock) so we can ride together (I already have a bike), Nike Kobe 5s (see earlier post), a remote control organiser for his 5 remotes (don't ask) and some men's Lush goodies for his Man U stocking.

My family and partners do Kris Kringle with a $150 limit so my SIL at her request is getting a voucher to the local shopping centre. S got my little bro and I advised Weird Al tix as my little bro is a huge fan!

Baby S is all done - she was the easiest and I got her finished in November - my lil pony baby, playdoh & cutters, Crayola crayons, clothes, summer pjs 'Little Miss Sunshine', a HUGE elmo & a HUGE Dorothy the Dinosaur.

S' parents are easy - a donation towards their new BBQ fund and I have left S' sister & her fiancee to him.

The boss will be getting a Nautica T and hat - he told me he is hoping to spend lots of time on his boat so I thought these would be appropriate.

My mum was going to get a Swarovski crystal however she changed this up when she spotted a pair of PA pjs she loved and wanted but wouldn't buy because 'who spends that on PJs'. I also got her a few trashy romance novels for her summer holiday.

Dad is proving to be most difficult ... he is getting a Rugby League Top 10 book which is right up his alley but beyond that I am completely stuck. He is a pretty contented person that has everything he needs and isn't really into 'things'. Grrrrr only 1 afternoon left for me to get this done.

I'm still thinking about buying something small for my sis & littlest bro and M & C to open on Christmas Day - I just love giving presents!

What did you get your loved ones this year?

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