Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to wear

It's almost time for the Sports Lunch with special guest speaker John Howard! Only two more sleeps ... and one of those includes Gold Class Harry Potter screening - best week ever (made more so cause M is coming down Friday night too!

Moving forward, what to wear on Friday for the lunch?

I have decided to buy something new and am thinking a Cue dress as they are always ideal for this kind of event and can later be absorbed into my work wardrobe.

I am a fan of the red ruffle dress on their website or maybe this Country Road dress would be nice for something different:

I'm also loving this deep blue Cue dress (but I think my sis already has it):

This Charcoal Cue dress is nice too but not loving strapless at the moment:

I love some of the current Bebe dresses but they are in the States and I dont think they post to Oz - plus I've left it a little late to order a dress from overseas :)

M, if you are reading today, get a google account or twitter so you can tell me what you think!

In additional news updates relating to the lunch, I have discovered that S' best friend of the same name is also attending the lunch with another group so we have plans to meet up and (drumroll please) ... I managed to snare an extra two tix - these are rare as hens teeth if you haven't read my previous post on this event! It looks like I will share these tix with S and my sis in law C - it will be a nice opportunity to catch up with C as I haven't seen her in ages plus spend some time with S as he is apparently working all weeknd grrr.

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