Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update on inner health

People! Chlorophyll is vile!!!! They try and dress is up with 'spearmint flavour' but as S put it, 'it tastes like a liquified jungle plant.'

True to yesterday's post, I went out and bought Swisse chlorophyll and trimshot after work. It was quite reasonable, only $50 for both products total.

So I got up this morning, excited to start my new inner health regime. I read the bottle of chlorophyll and you can have 5-15mls either straight or with water. I decided to have mine with water figuring 15mls would hardly even flavour a whole galss. Boy was I wrong, this stuff is potent and my glass of water turned a dark dark green - you couldn't even see through it! I choked down every mouthful of that glass trying not to gag or projectile it back up. Then of course the taste wouldn't go away and is kind of still lingering now, 2 hours later.

When S got up, I warned him that it would be safer to have a straight shot after my little experience and for a change, he actually listened to me and did just that. Even he thought it was vile but oh well, we will persevere for the sake of inner health!

Next to try the trimshot ... it cant be worse than the chlorophyll... I hope although this one is 'chocolate flavour'. Think I will mix it with water for snack 1 and yoghurt for snack 2.

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